Figure Skate Guards Rockerz Mix Match Colors- We cut to Size

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Figure Skate Guards Rockerz Mix Match Colors- We cut to Size

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PLEASE CONTACT US to have  the guards cut to size, please let us know the brand, model and length of blades.

For example; John Wilson, Pattern 99, Size 9 1/4 inches.

We can also offer 4 different colors for 1 pair of blades. Please contact us and let us know which colors you wish to receive.

Go green

Made with recycled materials
All parts 100% recyclable
Rock through your walk

Patented rocker base reduces impact & joint stress
Ergonomically designed for safety & comfort
Experience the ease of movement in every step
Safety first

Heavy-duty, gripping tread for safety
Wide, stable walking base (50% wider)
Sleek, unique waves

Structurally designed for lateral support
Beveled thumb grips for easy handling
Spring is in

Fully-recessed springs & screws
Sleek design prevents clothing snags
Exclusive accommodations

Patented v-shaped blade channel
Blades slide in & out with ease
Only Rockerz guards accommodate
Matrix, Paramount & Revolution blades