Risport Excellence Skating Boots White Size 235 USA 5 Single Jumps & Doubles

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Risport Excellence Skating Boots White Size 235 USA 5 Single Jumps & Doubles

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Please allow 1 centimeters from the end of the big toe to the end of the insole for growing room.

  • C, Width
  • Natural leather with water-repellent treatment
  • Anatomical thermo-formable padding
  • Excellent ventilation technology
  • Microfiber lining

Manufacturer: Risport
Condition: New
Risport Ice Skate Sizing Chart

BEFORE YOU BEGIN MEASURING - Risport is typically 1.5 size smaller than street shoe size. However, measurements are very important! Use these charts for finding your size in Risport ice skates. Risport is measured in centimeters.

We have provided the measurements shown below to assist you in finding your correct size in a Risport figure skate. However, we are is not responsible for skates that have been sized incorrectly. These measurements should not be used for any other brand of figure or ice skate. Risport sizes their skates for a snug and proper fit.

Growing feet: If skates are bought at the beginning of the season a 1 centimeter gap is usually sufficient to allow room to grow without affecting the training. Indeed by competition time at the business end of the season the skates will be perfectly adjusted.

Finding the right size skate...

Place a ruler or tape measure on the ground (must be a flat surface, like tile or cement). Stand with all your weight on the foot you are measuring with your foot on the tape measure.
Measure from your longest toe to the heel. Repeat this procedure for the other foot.
Look at the charts below and find the measurement of your feet in the left column. If one foot is longer than the other, use the measurement of the longer foot.

Note on sizing Risport: C width is medium.