About Us

About Us

Boutique Step Up specializes in selling gear for dance, figure skating, gymnastics, and swimming. We launched in 2007 and are proud to be trusted by over 17,800 happy customers.


We are dedicated to helping figure skaters, dancers, swimmers and gymnasts of all levels and abilities reach their potential by providing a wide variety of products and services essential to their recreational pursuits and professional careers.


​​We recognize and celebrate the individual qualities that make our customers unique. Our products take several things into consideration, including your skill level, coaching opinions, and, of course, your budget.

We are here to help you make the right decision about your skating equipment and offer expert skate fitting by authorized dealers who are knowledgeable in the different features. each skate offers.


We want you to be confident that you're making the right choice when you buy products from us. Check out our buyer's guides  for detailed information on how to find skates that suit your age, skill level, and foot type. If you have any questions, just get in touch!


About the Owner

Boutique Step Up was founded by Christine Deslauriers, who is a successful entrepreneur and winner of numerous awards, including eBay’s 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year.  Christine has combined her lifelong passion for figure skating with her entrepreneurial drive to build a successful company selling skating gear and apparel online and offline. Her multi-channel business has seen a 470 percent increase in online sales since its first year of operation.


Christine’s story

Christine’s business is successful because of her duel passions for ice skating and entrepreneurship. As a fourth-generation entrepreneur and lifelong ice skater, it’s safe to say that both skating and entrepreneurship are in Christine’s blood. She grew up ice skating and loved the feeling of freedom from being on skates. She also spent her summers working in her grandfather’s factory Mondor Limited, and her father’s stores, Delo Sport and Mme Clouatre Florist in her hometown St-Jean sur Richelieu Quebec..


These experiences working alongside her family and learning how to successfully run a business shaped Christine’s career and helped make her the successful entrepreneur she is today.


Christine was inspired to open Step Up Boutique when she quit her job as a technical representative and branch manager for a mining sales company to stay home and raise her daughters. Ecommerce proved to be a successful outlet for Christine to help other people who are passionate about skating find the right equipment. She started selling skating gear and apparel on eBay in 2005 and, due to her quick success, she was able to open a bricks-and-mortar store two years later.


Based in Hanmer, a small town near Sudbury, Ontario, Christine now operates a thriving multi-channel business. As a result of her strong online sales, Christine has expanded her offerings to include gymnastics, dance and swimwear products, giving her physical store a reputation for having an impressive inventory selection. She is also a global seller with items regularly shipping to locations including the U.S., Europe, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand.


Why buy from ‘Boutique Step Up’

Our passion for sports and our commitment to helping our customers find the right equipment and gear set us apart from our competitors. Even though we operate online, we are committed to communicating directly with our customers.


In short, we love people! That's why we have an entire team of people who love talking to you about your adventure wear. We believe that quality ideas deserve quality products. That’s why our full selection of custom skating products is designed to be worn and shown off over and over again.


Our Brands

Ice skating: Jerry's Skating World, Mondor, Riedell Skates, Wilson Blades, MK Blades, Edea Skates, Risport Skates, Zuca Skate Bags, and BSU Brand.

Dance: Mondor, So Danca, Leo’s, Eurotard, Danshuz, Race N Roll, Grit, Dream Duffels.

Gymnastics: GK Elite, Alpha Factor, Tiger Paws, US Gloves, Mondor, Eurotard & BSU.

Swimming: Speedo, Arena, Tyr Sport, Michael Phelps, Aqua Lung.


Our Promise/Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to delivering superior customer service. We personally assist customers with their needs and provide quality clothing, products, and knowledge. We are intuitively aware of the needs of the skating community and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to skate fitting. We cater to all levels of figure skaters, and our goal is always to make our customers happy!


Mission Statement

Our mission at Boutique Step Up is to promote participation in figure skating, dance, gymnastics, and swimming in an atmosphere of fun and good sportsmanship. We recognize that these are activities for all ages, gender and abilities and strive to provide our clients with the best customer service possible along with a great selection of products to gain their full satisfaction.


Vision statement

Our vision is to become a global leader in high-quality figure skating equipment and other sportswear products. We are dedicated to providing a fun, safe, and healthy environment that allows our customers to experience a truly enjoyable skating experience. Our aim is to become an international resource and top figure skating brand and earn a name in the sportswear market.


Our Values

Craftsmanship – Our products are always of the highest quality. The connection is personal, like the touch of the hand.

Exclusivity – We connect with customers by making them feel special and unique through the presentation of a special, unique experience.

Innovation – We are continuously learning and striving for change as well as innovations.

Responsibility – We recognize our role in the greater world and take social responsibility by giving back to our community.

Originality – We love to think outside the box and break conventions. We always surprise customers with our creativity.

Integrity – We conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy, and ethical manner at all times.

Quality – We are totally dedicated to the pursuit of perfection.

Caring – We are committed to protecting the environment and maintaining respectful relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, and communities.

Excellence – We endeavor to be the best and demonstrate full commitment to the quest for excellence and continuous improvement.