When buying skates set. Should you ask for permanent mount or temporary mount.

When acquiring skates set with blades attached, it's customary for the blades to undergo an initial "temporary" mounting procedure. This entails the selective utilization of screws, specifically those compatible with the slotted holes on the blade plate, by either the manufacturer or blade installer. This setup allows for potential adjustments during the inaugural weeks of usage if deemed necessary.

Upon satisfactory confirmation of blade alignment, it is advisable to transition to the installation of "permanent screws" into the circular apertures on the blade plate. This definitive step ensures the secure fixation of the blade onto the boot sole, mitigating the risk of screw loosening, a critical consideration for skaters undertaking jumps. It is generally cautioned against engaging in extensive jump maneuvers, particularly double or triple jumps, with a temporary mount.

Certain manufacturers or fitters may opt for the comprehensive utilization of all available holes from the outset, albeit this approach is statisfactory for beginners skaters, however it is more complicated for advanced skaters because it complicates subsequent adjustments, necessitating the plugging of holes before remounting. Such circumstances often pertain to skates featuring PVC bottoms, with only a select cadre of skate technicians undertaking the task of relocating or remounting blades. While fitters typically exhibit proficiency with leather-soled skates, apprehensions may arise concerning skates with plastic-bottom configurations.

Therefore before purchasing skates set please contact us or let us know if you require temporary mount.