Edea Piano B & C Width, Black & White Skating Boots

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Sizes:   225 through 310 in 5mm increments. Full and Half Sizes
Colors:   White and Black
Training Level:   Double, Triple, and Quad Jumps

The EDEA Piano ICE is the Lightest Skating Boot available and represents a turning point in Skating and Skate Technology. The KEY NEW FEATURE of the EDEA PIANO is its patented shock absorption features.  Every time a skater lands a jump, there is impact.  The force of the impact depends on the weight of the skater and how the jump is landed.  When a skater lands a jump, this force is estimated to be between 2 and 8 times the skaters actual body weight.  This means that a skater weighing 75 lbs can land a jump with 600 lbs of force.  This impact produces a shock wave, that moves up through the legs and the body.  These waves increase force across the ankle, knee and hip and even the vertebrae.

Edea Piano B & C Width,  Black & White Skating Boots