Ice Light Boot Gloves- Neoprene Boots Covers

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Ice Light Boot Gloves- Neoprene Boots Covers

here is no need to have cold feet or unprotected skates again! Share the same warmth enjoyed by surfers… more than just a skate cover, they add protection for your skates and warmth for your feet. Boot Gloves were carefully designed by a professional skater and are constructed with state of the art Neoprene. They keep laces from slipping and secure the boot fit. The strong elasticity of the cover adds support to broken down skates.

Boot Gloves are “Skater Friendly”. Their sleek design allows for unimpeded skating even by the most advanced skater. The tight “in-air” position of the feet is easily achieved and coaches can easily see the placement of the skaters feet.

Coaches and parents just think- your skater will want to stay on the ice and practice longer…no more complaining about cold feet!


Boot Gloves are available in three popular boot colors-White, Black, and Camel. Skaters may select a pair to match their skates or purchase several colors to coordinate with their skating outfits.


Sizing is based on the skate boot size. Sizes may overlap and will vary depending on the make of the boot and actual foot size (i.e. width, etc.)  Suggested sizes are:

Ice Light Productions cannot be responsible for problems arising out of improperly fitted covers.
NOTE: Make sure your Boot Gloves are not too large.  Do not purchase to allow for growth and larger skates.They are meant to fit snug, “Like a Glove” . It is important for Boot Gloves to fit snug and secure to insure proper insulation and trouble free skating.When the fit is correct, it may be necessary to tug the left and right sides of the zipper together to close the zipper pull.


Extra Small Junior 6-9
Small Junior 10-13
Medium Adult 1-4
Large Adult 5-7
Extra Large Adult 8-11