Riedell Aria 3030 Figure Skating Boots Skates 100 Support Level Extra Firm

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Riedell Aria 3030 Figure Skating Boots Skates 100 Support Level Extra Firm

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Introducing our new lightweight skate, Aria. Advanced, sleek and strong. The micro-internal midsole keeps you closer to the ice and reduces weight. TriFusion triple reinforcement provides the firmest support. Genuine Kangaroo leather wraps your feet in smooth, supple comfort. Cork midsoles & heels reduce weight and provide impact absorption.


Skate Skill Level

  • Double, triple and quad jumps


  • White or Black

Boot Support Level

  • 100 – Extra Firm


Riedell skates use a unisex sizing system for both sexes. In general, men will size approximately 1/2 smaller than their dress shoe size, women a full size or more smaller than dress shoe size. To estimate size place a sheet of paper against a wall on a hard surface. Have the skater stand on the paper with his or her heel against the wall.

Hold a pencil perpendicular to the floor and strike a line at the end of the longest toe. Repeat for the other foot. Measure in inches and use the table below for size. Take care not to have the pencil point dip under the toe or mark ahead of the toe.

In general, if the skater wears a narrow or wide shoe, you will need a narrow or wide skate boot. To measure for width you will need a soft measuring tape such as a dressmaker's tape. With the skater seated, measure around the widest part of the ball of the foot and refer to the width tables below. Note: high arches may require a wider skate than the ball of the foot measurement indicates.

We will generally allow NO MORE THAN 1/2 size for growth room. Too much extra room promotes rapid boot breakdown, poor performance and can lead to injury. An extra insole can be used to take up 1/2 size and can be removed as the child grows.

Unisex Sizing for Men and Women
Foot Length (Inches)
Skate Size
8 7/8" Adult 4
9" Adult 4 1/2
9 3/16" Adult 5
9 3/8" Adult 5 1/2
9 1/2" Adult 6
9 11/16" Adult 6.5
9 7/8" Adult 7
10" Adult 7 1/2
10 3/16" Adult 8
10 3/8" Adult 8 1/2
10 1/2" Adult 9
10 11/16" Adult 9 1/2
10 7/8" Adult 10
11" Adult 10 1/2
11 3/16 Adult 11
11 3/8" Adult 11 1/2
11 1/2" Adult 12
11 11/16" Adult 12 1/2
11 7/8" Adult 13
12 3/16" Adult 14